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Bad Luck Friday CD (2022)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The groundbreaking debut album from Will Wilde's hard-rock side project Bad Luck Friday. 

    “Bad Luck Friday could almost be an Alter Bridge substitute were it not for their USP: the roaring blues harp work of leader Will Wilde”

    Classic Rock Magazine


    "A phenomenal release... moments of sheer innovation... aggressive blues rock with a contemporary edge" 10/10

    Power Play 

    1. Bad Luck Friday

    2. Banshee

    3. 666 At The Crossroads

    4. Dust & Bones

    5. Jealous Woman

    6. Take The Best Of Me

    7. Mistress

    8. Low Down Dirty

    9. Bonnie To My Clyde

    10. Rebel With A Cause

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