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"Ultimate Blues Harmonica Soloist" is a 10-part course that is designed to help beginner & intermediate players discover their true potential.

It not only covers every sound and nuance that you're ever likely to hear on a blues record, but it also contains the crucial fundamentals of technique: from how to position the tongue, mouth and throat to 'unlock' all the bends and different sounds you want to make, such as vibrato.

On top of that, I’ve included everything I know about scale theory and improvisation, so that anyone who works through the course will have the musical knowledge they’ll need to improvise their own bluesy solos, and even work with a band if they want to.

This program isn’t just about how to play the harmonica. It's about how to become a killer blues SOLOIST. This is why it’s the only program of its kind on the market.

It contains knowledge that you can’t learn in music school. Stuff that I have acquired from more than ten years touring, recording and teaching experience.

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