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“One of the best harmonica players anywhere!”

Walter Trout


"F**king badass!"

John Popper (Blues Traveler)

“Surely the finest harp man on the scene”

Blues In Britain

Will Wilde Blues Rock Harmonica Player


Will Wilde has taken the harmonica way beyond its traditional blues roots since he first emerged on the music scene in 2010.  Always pushing forward, evolving and redefining his sound.  He gained popularity on Youtube with his awe-inspiring harmonica covers of classic rock guitar solos such as Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird.  Throughout 2022/23 Wilde has been touring with his critically acclaimed rock band Bad Luck Friday, but 2024 sees him return to the blues with the recording of a new solo album (release date TBC).

Wilde’s hard-edged harmonica steals the spotlight from the traditional blues rock guitar, with a sound that owes as much to Gary Moore as it does to Sonny Boy Williamson.  "I’m always looking to make new sounds with the harmonica, pushing its boundaries, trying to change people’s perception of it.”  In fact Wilde has gone one step further and created his own signature "Wilde Tuned" harmonicas so he can play licks that weren’t possible before.  “The Wilde tunings help me take things to the next level.  They enable me to hold my own with any blues rock guitarist.” 

Wilde picked up his first harmonica at a house party when he was sixteen.  “I basically nicked it,” he says. “It was a cheap plastic Guinness harmonica just lying around amongst the drink bottles and cigarette butts, I was drawn to it.”  From then on playing became an obsession.  “I used to play along to old Muddy Waters records for hours every day. Sometimes I played so much my lips bled,” says Wilde. “I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to know everything it could do, every sound it could make. After a while it became like an extension of me.” 


Wilde comes from a musical family.  “Music was always around me" he says.  “Classic rock, blues and soul were the soundtrack to my childhood.”  His grandfather was a wartime jazz & blues pianist and his sister, Dani Wilde, is an acclaimed blues singer in her own right.  

Wilde has released four studio albums and one live album: Unleashed (2010), Raw Blues (2013), Live In Hamburg (2015), Bring It On Home (2018) and Bad Luck Friday (2022), as well as appearing as a guest harmonica player on albums by Walter Trout, Earl Thomas, Toby Lee, Dani Wilde, Marcus Malone, Krissy Matthews and Brave Rival.  His early music reflects more of a traditional  blues sound, but over time he has developed a more aggressive style that draws from the classic rock and blues rock music he grew up on.  

Wilde has recently been nominated in the UK Blues Awards for "Instrumentalist of the Year 2024".  








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